Sunday, September 11, 2011

Richard's Vacation

Richard had this past week off from work. Following an almost 60hr work week it was a very very welcomed break. We had a relaxing weekend and decided to head up into the mountains on Monday to go camping.
As we were driving up SR 150 it was so fun to watch all the cars going the other way. We were going to have the place all to ourselves! About 2/3rds of the way there, it started to get very cloudy. When we finally made arrived, it was down pouring :( We thought maybe we'd wait it out until we discovered our favorite campground Shady Dell is completely packed with people. We decided to try one of the many other Forest Service campgrounds the entire road is dotted with. We headed down the mountain. Turns out the reason Shady Dell was packed was because all the other campgrounds were shut down because of Provo River flash flood warnings :( But at least it was a beautiful drive :)
Since the camping endeavor failed, we deiced to just have our Dutch oven Cornish game hen dinner later in the week at Pine View Reservoir with Eli. They turned out AMAZING! It was a beautiful day on the lake too :) I wish I would have remembered my camera!
It was so fun to just hang out and relax for a whole week! I have the tendency to over plan all our vacations but this was just perfect :)