Sunday, November 13, 2011

BEACH TRIP!!! (caution this may be really long)

Richard got 3 whole weeks of vacation this year. WOW! We are cashing in 1 of them but we used the second week as a great chance to have one last NorCal coast and Redwood trip. This time we rented a beach front cabin (lower rates for winter HOORAY!) for 6 whole nights! I used to come to these cabins as a kid with my aunt and uncle so I am especially attached to this particular beach. We stayed in Pelicans Perch (#6) here are some pictures of our adorable little home for a week.

I used this great online program to create a panoramic view from our back deck. Be sure to blow it up full screen then click and drag to see in either direction:

This place has a kitchen and have fresh made bread baking when you arrive!

We ate some of it but feeding the seagulls is so much fun not only did half of this loaf go to that but we had to buy a cheap loaf at Grocery Outlet. Here is a great video of that:

We got really lucky and it was great weather. It was a little more chilly then we are used to. We got some great sweatshirts (with woolly lining) and neoprene socks for under our teva's at this AWESOME little surf shop on the Crescent City docks called South Beach Outfitters. We had a great time talking with Lisa who was working the shop that day, then we went down to the docks to see the sea lions. We kept getting closer and closer. You can tell how nervous I am by my silly voice.

After the camera shuts off we sneak a little closer the big guy decides we have gone far enough and starts barking and lurching.... We booked it off those docks! Some people watching from the safety of the parking lot got a kick out of it lol.

Our favorite hike this time is called Damnation Creek Trail. It is a little over a 4 mile hike that has an elevation change of 1200 ft! It snakes from the redwoods down to the ocean. It was misty and fantastic!

I discovered my poor camera of 6 wonderful years is finally on its last legs :( barely any of these pictures turned out, and even those were kinda blurry. Oh well It still gets the point across :)

We also tried to see some lighthouses... They were all closed to the public but we still had fun taking pictures with this one:

We drove up to Bandon Oregon and had a good time stopping at all the fun touristy shops on the way back down. We got a great tour at a myrtlewood shop. Myrtlewood trees only grow in Southern Oregon and Israel! They take hundreds of years to grow and the wood of each one is unique in color and pattern ... Just like people :) Here is a great page that talks about them:

On our last day we did a great redwood hike on Mill Creek Trail (near Stout Grove) and Tide pooling at Lone Ranch:

This is barely the tip of the ice burg of the adventures and pictures but that's all for now. We had such a good time! We are now ready to hunker down and endure the Utah winter before we run off for our Hawaii adventure.

Saturday, November 12, 2011