Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cousin Box

So back in May we sent an Aloha Box to the Utah nieces and nephews. We filled it with fun little Hawaiian (and Asian) nicknacks and treats. This Saturday when we got home we found that they had decided to send us Utah box! It was filled with fun little surprises clearly picked by little hands. 

Before We even got half the box emptied Richard found the nano block (mini lego) Red Eared Slider Turtle kit. And all progress stopped until he finished assembling it :)

Sadly there was no note, or at least no note left (the box had a rough journey over here and was a bit ripped open) so we aren't quite sure who added what to the box But we do know that these awesome spray paint pictures were made by Trevor:

We were very impressed with them! I'm trying to find a magnetic frame large enough so I can hang one in my cubical at work. They remind me very much of the spray paint artist Matt Sorensen  we found 2 years ago.

The rest of the goodies:

A awesome frog puzzle, 
some Utah stuff: BYU key holder, Salt Lake salt water taffy, a beehive bracelet.
Some glow in the dark ocean animal shapes (since we love the ocean so much!)
Some pretties for me.
A huge box of  See's (it even had the Brown Sugar kind which are my favorite!)
Paricord Bracelets! I've almost bought/made these on several occasions but have never quite done it. We love them!

And it wouldn't be the Ronnow's if there wasn't a new game involved :)

We will have to bring this out next time we have friends over :)

Here is Richard with the Turtle:

And in awesome news. (And Extra Special Thanks to Chantelle and Jeremy for getting it set up on their end!) We finally got to Skype with the Ronnow Side of the family!
It was so much fun to see everyone and meet the new cousins! 
It is so much better than talking on the phone. I wish I was clever enough to have recorded it because some of the nieces and nephews reactions were pretty adorable.