Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sneak Peak Post

Just uploaded the pictures from this weekends adventure and I had to share this one:

A real post about the trip will follow soon :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pali Highway

Pali Hwy connects North Honolulu to the Windward(east) side of the island. It is a very nice drive and the few times we have taken it we have seen people parked at what seem to be trail heads. Today we decided to check one of them out:

 There was a fork in the trail. You can take the one to the left to go another 9 miles! WOW!

We went right and should have connected with Old Pali Rd, but there were lots of mosquitoes and we had forgotten bug spray so we didn't make it there. The little bit we saw was stunning though, so we will be back!

I love that it is late October and there are still hundreds of flowers in bloom.

 Little snippet view of Kailua:

 Lots of these pretty purple flowers mixed throughout the greenery... Even with my guide books and the internet at my disposal the diversity of plant life here is so overwhelmingly vast that identification feels next to impossible.
So I will simply call this one a pretty purple flower:

This one I recognized from my Mom's gardens back home... It is an Impatiens right?
So cool to see it growing wild!

 Several parts of these hikes reminded us of Redwood hikes (minus the Redwoods)

We stopped by the Botanical Gardens who just happened to be having a Windward Guild of Artists art show! There were so many beautiful paintings!
I know you really aren't supposed to take pictures, but no one else was there and I just had to show you guys this one: