Monday, June 24, 2013

Emerald City Goggles!

So Richard was approached with an interesting proposition to make some of his goggles as an incentive for a video game creator's KickStarter project. 
Their page just went live today and since then it has raised over $10,000! (by the time I finished writing this it hit $12,000) If they make their goal, all of the 'The City is Green' level backers will be getting awesome custom goggles from Ricks SteamPunk Etc!
Each one will be a little different, but these are of one of the pairs:

It is an OZ based game that caters to the dark side of the imagination, (drawing inspiration from the book more than the Disney movie interpretations)
Dorothy's great-great-granddaughter joins forces with Tin Woodsman and Lion to battle Scarecrow's mindless army for control of Oz.

We are VERY excited for the publicity and advertising this could give Richard's handiwork. And I'm pretty proud he got noticed by such a large scale company in the first place :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Click play to have an awesome sound track to view these with!

Ben and I got a great deal (thank you groupon!) on a surf lesson.
We met up on North Shore at 8 am and surfed 'til our bodies ached! We had two totally awesome instructors. Steve (owns Sea & Board Sports Hawaii) & Sergio (Ex Pro surfer!!!)

It started out like this:

What?! That doesn't make any sense!
 (p.s.can you tell we are related? Exact same facial expression)

Oh ok! Yeah I get it..

Uh... maybe I got it?

 or not..
 (notice how he is still holding position long after the board is gone from under him)


(I don't ever remember feeling this scared but apparently I panicked at some point)

(if you imagine him flapping his arms this picture gets a lot funnier)


(note the lovely 'I don't like drinking salt water' face)

But after a few waves we started to look like total Pros!


Here is an awesome set of photos of me on a particularly nice wave Sergio set me up on:


and one last shot of Ben rocking it!

Needless to say this wont be the last surfing trip! If you come to Oahu I completely recommend these guys. Steve was super easy to work with to get things set up. Paddling is really hard work and I never would have been able to make it on so many rounds if he hadn't come and help tow me back out to sea. Sergio is a total genius at choosing the right wave. They both took really good care of us and we had a total blast. I'm hoping to start lessons soon. But for now, I'm just soothing my aching muscles.