Sunday, July 6, 2014

A little bit of catch up!

So its been over 8 months since I did a real blog post... Needless to say plenty has happened. Unfortunately there was very little photo documenting of it all. However here is a ridiculously quick recap:
Got an awesome deal on a 2012 VW Turbo Beetle:
Had a very Happy Halloween! 

Had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat!

Enjoyed snow in Hawaii
(they make it snow bubbles in the mall here for Christmas)

Had an awesome Christmas!

Enjoyed the never ending beauty that is Oahu:

Enjoyed lots of quality time with my mom!
This is literally the only picture I have of the 6 MONTHS she was here with us:
(The very rare and camera shy Mama Wendy seen here on the north shore of Oahu!)

Enjoyed the crepes she made us!

Enjoyed some shenanigans with my friends:

Made and awesome batch of Æbleskivers:

Had a lovely Valentines day:

Found out what was causing all the pain in my back and started exploring options to reduce it

Got an awesome behind the scenes tour of a natural history museum:

Found an awesome cupcake place:

Remembered there was a North East corner of the island

 Made the tough decision to leave my work friends and get hired on with a better company

Went to San Francisco to get trained for my new job,
Flew Eli out for the weekend:

Ate this amazing salad at least 5 times!

Caught a big ol toad:

FINALLY got the shark wheels we invested in last fall.

went back to San Francisco:

and made some new work friends:

Still in awe of how pretty it is here:

Also had some awesome additions to the Steam-punk adventure,  Went on a trip to Maui! met up with some Ronnow Family, and had a visit from some siblings on both sides.... but those will be another post.

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